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Porch Construction
Need a porch? Porches have a number of benefits. Shading a window or door can reduce your cooling bill. Also it offers rain protection for your doors. Building a porch in Sierra Vista

Roof Framing
Past jobs have ranged from framing for roofs on a church in Naco, Mexico to rebuilding roof decking on a house in Elfrida.
Framework of roof of church building in Naco, Mexico Roofing deck being covered by sheeting.  Insulation.

Fence Building
Need a privacy fence, or just a fence to keep pets in, or keep the neighbors out?
Cedar fence being built Sierra Vista Privacy Fence

Handicap Ramp and Handrail Installation
Ramps make it easier for elderly and wheel chairs to make it around steps. The handrail installed in the photo is securely anchored by pins drilled and epoxy-ed into the concrete flooring slab.
Handicap ramp and hand bar made of wood


Carpenter Riddle:
A carpenter was in a terrible hurry. He had to work as quickly as possible to cut a very heavy 10 foot plank into 10 equal sections. If it takes 1 minute per cut, how long will it take him to get the 10 equal pieces? Answer at bottom of house cleaning page.

Answer for Door riddle: Church Door
We realize that no one can come in a service, and return, and be the same person. We go out… If we reject, we go out worse than we were when we come in. And if we accept, we go out better than we was; for the Word shall not return void; It’ll accomplish that which It was purposed for.
   -Rev. William Marrion Branham

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